Physicality of the Force.

Modern man generally agrees that the universe is made out of little bits of something we call matter.  Little packets of, likely smaller things, that have a weight, shape and, well, take up room in whatever it might be, uh, taking up room in.  Certainly this, by all observable evidence, seems to be true.  The […]

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Jedi Code line four.

“There is no chaos, there is harmony.” Chaos and harmony seem like polar opposites.  Certainly from certain perspectives they can be.  However one encompass the other. Chaos is defined as the lack of order, and order being more akin to harmony.  However chaos is a state of disorder, and disorder is necessary for order to […]

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Use the Force.

  “Use the Force…”  It’s good advice, obviously.  But what does it mean?  Do you just pick it up and turn it on?  The Force is what is, and what is, is really big.  So how do you use it?  Is it like an idea, a concept to be utilized by the mind to make […]

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living Force.

The Force is what is, yet can’t be defined.  This is because you use it to describe it.  Or rather it uses itself to experience itself.  You can’t take a piece of it away from itself and say “here, this is what it is!”  Because you are also it.  The knower is also what is […]

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The Jedi Code, line two.

‘There is no Ignorance, there is knowledge.’ In this day and age we witness ignorance everywhere.  We see it in others, and we commit it ourselves, so how could there be no ignorance?  Ignorance is just a word, it’s not a real tangible thing that you can hold in your hand and point to it […]

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The Jedi Code, line one.

‘There is no emotion, there is peace.’ This is the first line of the Jedi code, and it is arguably one of the hardest to grasp. Obviously there is emotion, we all have them, and when you read the scriptures, “ahem” books, and watch the movies, you witness Jedi get emotional all over the place.  […]

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